@dsoltesz I didn't realize until just now you were here. I have not migrated my account. Not sure yet whether I will or not, but am doing my best to spin this one up a little, also. (I'm also @JulieNye)

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🌊 Anybody want to start a petition to coax Barack and Michelle #Obama to the Fediverse? Yeah, somebody might have to do a separate server. I don't know exactly what it would take, but I'd sure like to see them here. 🤔 🤨 😎


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Student loan forgiveness program would help Black, Latino borrowers in Arizona tucsonsentinel.com/local/repor
According to the U.S. Department of Education, more than 800,000 Arizonans have federal student loan debt. By canceling it, advocates say, Black and Latino incomes could increase and help reduce the racial wealth gap.
#Tucson #Arizona

: I'm not new to the Fediverse, but just discovered this AZ server, so thought I'd investigate and get acquainted. I'll edit this intro more when I have a few more minutes, but wanted to go ahead and get at least a little something posted. I am especially interested in making local connections.

Particular interests:


A community Mastodon server for Arizonans, though anyone who can follow the rules is welcome. Brought to you by western.social.