I love the subtle pushback against racism and stereotyping that happens in Mark Rober videos. I wish more SF tech people were a little more like him. ♥️👍🏿

Plus, this Zipline drone delivery is pretty cool. I'm still sad that over the past 10 years, we put so much more time + effort + resources into trying to put monkey jpegs into people's 401ks, than into technology like this.


#VisitRwanda #BlackMastodon

PyConUS 2023 schedule released and keynote speakers revealed!!! 🤩
I'm proud to present @willingc @dontusethsicode @mmitchell_ai @nedbat as our keynote speakers.
Don't miss special appearances by Python Steering Council and Guido van Rossum

#PyConUS #PyConUS2023 #PyCon

I am looking for a freelance ruby developer to help improve search in Mastodon/Universeodon.com.

Search 2.0 ;)


* Ruby w/Ruby on Rails
* Elastic Search / Chewy gem
* Git - fork branch/PR & Upstream it (oss pattern)
* JavaScript

* Add Operators to search (and/or/+/-)
* Add full text search to public posts as a system option (.env.properties configurable or admin profile page for configuring search)
* Add profile search for profiles that have selected "Suggest account to others (opted into discovery)

Stretch Goals:
Update search indexes/analyzers/stemmers/stopwords to support non-English languages

This advanced search may need to be exposed to mobile as a new API endpoint so mobile apps can have old elastic search experience with better behaviors or opt into "Search 2.0" when feature flagged.

All code will be OSS and PR will be shared upstream for project review but will run on Universeodon.com fork if/as needed.

#freelance #ruby #developer #job #hiring

Meatless proteins, less airport waiting time, faster wound healing: The benefits of space exploration can be found on Earth, too. The latest edition of @NASASpinoff features technologies that apply to everyday life: go.nasa.gov/3jkyno1

I keep trying to scan the QR code but nothing's happening.

Indirect evidence of gravitational waves was obtained 56 years later, in 1974. The decaying orbit of binary pulsar PSR 1913+16, discovered by Russell Hulse and Joseph Taylor, was consistent with general relativity's predicted rate of energy loss via gravitational wave emission.

LIGO made the first direct detection of gravitational waves on September 14, 2015 – the echo of two black holes that spiraled into each other over a billion years ago.

Image: SXS Collaboration

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@bodhipaksa the Brooklyn Public Library is actively fighting book-banning by letting any teen or young adult in the US get a library card there to check out books online.

Books that are banned elsewhere have special treatment so they are "always available".

Any US teen can request a personalized reading list from the library, as recommended by a fellow teen volunteering their time.

Please pass this on to any teens in your life.


Ran across this photo by Ed Boudreau of a lupine field n ear Girdwood on Sterling Hwy. and now, I cannot wait for Spring to get here! Lupine is one of my all-time favorites along with fireweed.
#Alaska #AlaskaSpring

Elusive glass octopus spotted in the remote Pacific Ocean. Only its eyes, optic nerve and digestive tract are opaque. This rarely-seen glass octopus bared all recently — even a view of its innards — when an underwater robot filmed it gracefully soaring through the deep waters of the Central Pacific Ocean. Image credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute

How often do you drink soda?

#Poll #EvanPoll

NEW: The Arizona Republican Party asks the Arizona Supreme Court to review a lower court ruling that dismissed the GOP's lawsuit seeking to strike down the state's 1991 no-excuse mail-in voting law.

Thank you @dabeaz

I have been slowly going through youtu.be/sPiWg5jSoZI your excellent tutorial video on it is enlightening. It is useful to better understand some of the magic of the frameworks that I use regularly. Thanks for a fascinating presentation.

Mastodon Founder: One fulltime employee and 1.6M users...
His message to Elon Musk, get off the internet.

We’re partnering with @DARPA to demonstrate a nuclear thermal rocket engine in space. This new engine would allow us to do more science and reach destinations faster—key steps for sending the first crewed mission to Mars. go.nasa.gov/3DaNirN

An answer to a question on Stackoverflow sent me down a python meta programming rabbit hole. I'm enjoying the learning experience. This video is quite good. youtu.be/sPiWg5jSoZI
It is long, but I've been watching in 20-30 min chunks. Great content and presentation. Very hands on.

I was working on project where the code was running over 2 hours, and appeared to be mysteriously hung. I realized my desktop machine was gong to sleep... extending the sleep time fixed the issue. I decided to add some control to prevent this issue, and came across github.com/np-8/wakepy Prevent your computer from going to sleep in the middle of a long running task. Works well on WIndows, and easy to integrate and understand.

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