#Moonrise over the high desert. I can never quite get my head around how/why the light reflects here. Often the red glow of sunset reflects more in the east than is visible to the west. 🤔 🤷‍♀️ But even through the construction chaos, it's quite breathtaking to stand and watch the colors.

Wishing everyone a lovely evening from #Arizona.

The weather is only exacerbating a serious issue. In Doney Park, mail is sporadic, and far more often than not, packages are days (often over a week) late, even when roads are clear and dry. I have multiple packages that were due to arrive a week ago a couple days before the storm hit. It's time for legislators, congressmen, the governor, USPS/federal oversight offices, etc. to get involved. Bring in the National Guard if necessary.


There's a wonderful Saguaro-desert-in-snow image by Warren Faidley going around the intertubes. I tracked down the source drone footage, which is also gorgeous: youtube.com/watch?v=Swtq0mOTmH

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Lawsuit alleges recreation.gov parks fee site Is cluttered with 'junk fees,' seeks millions in refunds tucsonsentinel.com/nationworld
A lawsuit raises the question of whether unauthorized and possibly illegal “junk fees” that potentially generate hundreds of millions of dollars on Recreation.gov in effect has privatized public lands for the benefit of website operator Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
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🥶 I believe we have some weather coming in. (Am now taking tips for my amazing analytical skills.) 🌬️ 💨 🥴

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Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, AZ

There were many small, heavy clouds moving across the sky casting shadows into the canyon. I decided to post process the photo using the Orton Effect to contrast the soft and hard portions of the image.

An image from a post on my travel and camping blog:

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The University of #Arizona's #astronomy and space sciences operations generate as much money for the local #economy every year as a Super Bowl, according to an economic impact report: news.arizona.edu/story/economi

If you're in Scottsdale, AZ don't shop at Gilbert Ortega Native American Galleries. He was filmed shouting "MAGA Country" "F#^king Indians" to Native Americans at an ESPN shoot

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It's not called an "app" unless it was made in the Appalachia region of the Eastern United States, otherwise it's just sparkling website.

Arizona Republicans exempt lawmakers from the state’s open records law

After Ginni Thomas’s emails and the work of the Cyber Ninjas go public, GOP legislators retreat into secrecy

By Patrick Marley and Yvonne Wingett Sanchez



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The NYT has a long article today about a proposed and controversial copper mine in Arizona. I won't link to it because it has factual errors and uses the mining company's self-serving narrative frame. Here's what's wrong with it:

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This weekend has had zero time for social media, but here's a two-part #sunset from tonight. Pics were taken about 15 min apart from my porch. I hope your weekend was this beautiful.

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