Given all the rain and snow in this summer I've been watching the snow pack and reservoir levels for months. The SRP reservoir levels have been boring since they've been pegged at 100%.

Just in the last few days has it dropped to 99%. But now we're getting weird early monsoon storms.


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More rain in yesterday. SRP reservoir system at 95%, Roosevelt at 98%. The only thing not in the 90% is Horseshoe which is at 74% and there's probably plenty of runoff to come.


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I kid you not, these are real SciFi Original movies: 2, 3, 5 & 6 headed shark attack.

What, no four headed sharks?

I’m pretty sure the gray material here is what was used on old step covers. This was inside the camco radius cover and I had to remove it to get the step to close.

I've started playing with data to check some of my thoughts about the failure. Given that SVB had less than 10% of its balances below the FDIC limit, one obvious question to ask was:

"What is the distribution of covered balances across other banks?"

I think this is the answer:

"Most other banks have about 75% of the balances covered"

There are probably lots of interesting details and nuances here ... more to come later.

Data came from here:

From the "Gettin' Fancy" portion of my talk. You can typeset labels and text in LaTeX.

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It’s colder and cloudier today than when I took this picture. Less wind tho.

At the VNSA book sale in … so many different kinds of dictionaries!

There's more snow in Northern , rain across the state. The Salt River reservoirs are at 81% and Verde at 70%. There was even thunder and lightning with last night's storm. NOTE the snowpack increased since my Feb 7 update.


western social update: I've been quiet lately, but I've been busy on a special project that's likely to be finished soon. needs a version update, hopefully before the next mastodon release comes out.

I am slowly learning more front end dev stuff. It's all been new to me.

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