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crazy story time: in the early days of MetaFilter I allowed HTML in comments and someone exploited it. Back then I filtered out a list of "banned tags" but @lhl had a better idea: filter all html & only allow a "safe" list back in. He wrote the code, then rewrote it in PHP and it got baked into the b2 blogging system.

So now whenever anyone edits any post in Wordpress, the content gets checked and bad stuff filtered out because some asshole made a MetaFilter post with 88px purple fonts in 2001.

I went to IKEA wearing a jacket with some yellow and blue and it took just one person asking me where the mirrors were before I had a small line of people asking me questions

I did pretty good overall!! But when I hit the first stumper I just said “hey sorry I just started here” and they understood but why did I say that

Design and dev twitter migrating to totally separate platforms is a little on the nose.

Hello world! Elon Musk picking a twitter fight with Icelandic philanthropist and man of the year 2022 Haraldur Thorleifsson ended up being the final push that we needed, so now we are here on Mastodon. We don't know how any of this works, but follow us for posts on vision science, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, and stupid memes #VisionScience #CognitivePsychology #CognitiveScience #CognitiveNeuroscience #StupidMemes #ThanksForPointingOutHashtagsInComments

Few people have heard of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (1900-1979), yet her dissertation was hailed as “the most brilliant PHD thesis ever written in astronomy.” She discovered what stars are made of.
Whenever we look up at the stars twinkling in the night sky, let’s remember that very exceptional woman who gave us the knowledge of the true constitution of our universe.
#IWD2023 #Women #Science #Stars #Hydrogen #Helium


It’s colder and cloudier today than when I took this picture. Less wind tho.

Like a lot of people on Fediverse projects, I'm an unpaid volunteer.

If you appreciate @feditips, @FediFollows, @FediVideo, @FediGarden or @homegrown (and their accompanying websites) ... can buy me a coffee at:


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Really cool sunset snow squall headed into western Weld County Colorado about 20 minutes ago @BianchiWeather

RT @stormchaser
One last still image of the snowfall in #Tucson this morning. Snow drone spectacular video coming soon!

© Warren Faidley - Commercial or editorial / broadcast use requires licensing. #snow #azwx

New from @modiphius! 👑

The Imperium is waiting for you and your House to take your place among the powers of the Landsraad.

Will it be only a step from the throne or under the heel of your enemies? 🤔

Get The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad Today!

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