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Includes AI-derived art in an otherwise innocuous new year's greeting. 

Happy New Year from my space station to yours!

Tech nerdery 

When a new BCP RFC comes out, it's a good time to stop what you're doing, look around a bit, and see if there's some work to do in your infrastructure. Today's special: TLS/DTLS! rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc9325

Long thread/12 

What if we brought those monsters out of retirement for one more job?

My proposal is simple: a two-year capital gains tax holiday on profits from unwinding any 21st century merger involving a firm with more than £10b in market cap: "Watch them do in months what decades of courtroom grinding couldn’t hope to accomplish."


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I've just spent the weekend, during a holiday, and also during a PTO stretch, working an incident instead. It's finally over. I need a nap and a stiff drink or three, not necessarily in that order.

SF author's passing 

file770.com/greg-bear-1951-202 very sad. I'm also a little creeped out that I mentioned him yesterday in a blog post about a tune I put out just last week.

track started. Many of the earlier Saturday Sounds were about learning things: compositional, music theory, production, mixing. These last few I think I'm just going to just get weird, throw things at the DAW and see what sticks. I've learned a lot in the last 10 months and I'm glad I've done this work. 5 tracks to go and it's time to just have some crazy fun with it!

As Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Stripe, Shopify, Lyft, Netflix, and Microsoft lay off workers, let it serve as a reminder that free snacks, beer kegs, and ping pong tables are not real perks.

Do you know what is? Being part of a union that will defend you.

We are extremely proud of the work accomplished at #W3C in the Social Web group, culminating in 2018 in the release of the #ActivityPub standard, a notable implementation of which is... #mastodon !
We are also humbled and inspired by the energy that we are seeing on the Fediverse, the good will, how constructive and helpful discourse embodies truly social interactions.

shout out to the enablers: @evan @cwebber @rhiaro @erincandescent @tsyesika @Annbass @lehors

It's Wednesday and I still don't have a track started for this Saturday's Sound. At least I'm off work this week!

Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

Got a surprise birthday gift over the weekend. This cute little drone. Flies pretty nicely and takes decent video and pictures too! 😎 😍

So I used to post these to Twitter, so now they get posted here. Latest tune in my Saturday Sounds Project drops tomorrow, but you can listen a little early! soundcloud.com/importantigravi

Hi! The name is Randy, aka lerxst, aka Import Antigravity. Infosec wonk by day, music composer and producer by night.

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